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World Leaders' Investment Summit I - World Investment…

World Leaders' Investment Summit I - World Investment Forum 2014
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World Leaders' Investment Summit I: Investing in Sustainable Development: Vision and Roadmap at World Investment Forum 2014, Palais des Nations - Geneva, Switzerland

Moderator: Mr. Jamie Robertson, BBC Anchor Description The Summit convenes Heads of State and Government and chief executives of global companies to discuss the role of investment in achieving sustainable development. State leaders will share their views on the main challenges policy makers face when channeling investment towards sustainable development, while the world's leading business executives will present the corporate perspective on the role of the private sector in this endeavour. The Summit will provide participants with a rich, solutions-oriented discussion, drawing on the insights of the leaders present. Elements for the debate - What are the policy challenges, trade-offs and constraints for channeling private investment into the SDG sectors? - What are the factors that shape the role of the public and private sector in the pursuit of sustainable and inclusive growth? - What are the global policy imperatives in this context and how best can these be translated at the national and regional level?