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Co-creating digital solutions for persons with…

Co-creating digital solutions for persons with disabilities - Policies and strategies for tomorrow's digital challenges (COSP16 side event)

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Stronger focus on accessibility and user-friendliness is needed for developing better digital solutions for welfare services for persons with disabilities.
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This side event focuses on strategies for co-creation on developing digital solutions for persons with disabilities. The Nordic countries aim to find solutions for full and effective participation in society for persons with disabilities, and use the advantages of the digital development.

Persons with disabilities should have access, on an equal basis with others, to information and communications technologies and systems. Accessibility is a prerequisite for equality and the ability to act independently in society, in particular for persons with disabilities. Lack of accessibility can place people in vulnerable and marginalized positions.

By embracing innovation, universal design and user involvement, we can create public welfare services that are more accessible, efficient, and responsive to the needs of all citizens. At this side event, the Nordic countries share insight on strategic planning when developing the accessible digital world and on how they see the future.

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