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(Part 1) High-Level Meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction…

(Part 1) High-Level Meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction - Plenary meeting, General Assembly, 77th session
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High-Level Meeting on the Midterm Review of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030. Theme: "Working Together to Reduce Risk for a Resilient Future" 
  • Opening Segment
  • Plenary - Charting liveable pathways for humans and nature

The world's risk landscape is evolving at an unprecedented speed and scale.  The systemic nature of risk and the shocks that cascade across sectors, systems and geographies, demand a re-examination of approaches to understanding, managing and reducing risk, whether man-made, natural, environmental, climate-related, biological, or technological. 

The High-Level Meeting provides a platform for Member States, the United Nations system partners and other stakeholders to reflect on the findings and recommendations of the Midterm Review of the Sendai Framework and formulate a forward-looking and risk-informed approach to more effectively address systemic risk.  

The meeting will adopt a political declaration to renew commitment and accelerate implementation of the Sendai Framework up to 2030. 

The Plenary will highlight national perspectives on implementation of the Sendai Framework to date and identify actions to amplify and accelerate risk-informed action for achievement of the outcome and goal of the Sendai Framework by 2030. To this end, Member State representatives are also invited to share commitments and transformative efforts.