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(4th meeting) International Dialogue on Migration…

(4th meeting) International Dialogue on Migration 2024

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International Dialogue on Migration (IDM) 2024 on the theme "Facilitating Regular Pathways to a Better Future: Harnessing the Power of Migration" (organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).
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This session will contribute to:

  • An evidence-based understanding of the challenges and opportunities for migration today and tomorrow, including geopolitical crises and scaling-up of solutions, as well as ways to address gaps in current knowledge.
  • Identifying innovative and cutting-edge solutions that governments at local, national, and regional levels have already put in place or could develop in the future, to harness the potential of regular pathways for migration as part of a 360-degree approach to human mobility.
  • Unpacking how multilateral action and broad-based partnerships including private sector,
    diasporas and local communities, at the national, regional and global levels to facilitate regular and safe pathways for migration contribute to the response to some of the most distressing crises in the world, supporting integration and the transition to peace and prosperity.
  • Understanding how to achieve more accessible, people-centered, rights-based, accessible,
    sustainable and safe regular pathways, including key policy, operational and technical solutions that should be in place throughout the migration cycle.
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