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Launch of the Scoping Study on Independent Civil…

Launch of the Scoping Study on Independent Civil Society – UN Counterterrorism Engagement

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In support of wider civil society efforts to demand more meaningful influence on and engagement with UN counterterrorism efforts, this report presents the results of a year-long consultation process undertaken by the Global Center on Cooperative Security and Rights & Security International in collaboration with a committee of 15 civil society advisors.
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Based the input of more than 170 civil society representatives from more than 50 countries around the world, this report explains the hesitation of many groups worldwide to engage with the United Nations on counterterrorism-related issues, the range of barriers they face, and their aspirations for the UN's role in promoting and protecting civil society and civic space.

The aim of the scoping study was to understand the need and potential avenues for, viability of, and interest in independent engagement by civil society with the UN counterterrorism architecture.

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