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UNGA78 – A week of global diplomacy at the United…

UNGA78 – A week of global diplomacy at the United Nations
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Conclusion of the 78th General Aseembly High-level week.

Representatives from around the world gathered at the United Nations for a week of intensive diplomacy marked by speeches, commitments, pledges and calls to action. 

Government leaders, activists, youth, celebrities, business executives, religious leaders and concerned citizens brought their perspectives to six days of debate, dialogue and decision-making on  challenges and opportunities spanning the global agenda. 

Participants exchanged ideas on the climate crisis, conflict, pandemics, poverty and other threats while also raising questions on emerging developments, including the rise of Artificial Intelligence.  

At a high-level meeting marking today's International Day for the total elimination of nuclear weapons, Secretary-General António Guterres said,  "The real only way to prevent the use of nuclear weapons is to eliminate them."