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SDG 15 (I): Action to protect and restore terrestrial…

SDG 15 (I): Action to protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems - Regional Forum 2022
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SDG 15: Life on Land - Action to protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems
Co-facilitators : The co-chairs of the Issue based coalition on Environment and Climate change
  • Ms. Ana Luiza M. Thompson Flores, Director, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe
  • Mr. Marco Keiner, Director, Environment Division, UNECE
  • Mr. Bruno Maggy G. Pozzi, Director, Europe Office, UNEP
10:00 – 10:10 Opening 10:10 – 11:40 Roundtable on actions to protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems: (presentations followed by Q&A ) - Carpathian Convention as the regional mechanism for strengthening implementation of environmental policies
  • Ms. Eliška Rolfová, Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, Carpathian Convention, currently Chair of the Carpathian Convention Working Group on Biodiversity
- Mura-Drava-Danube transboundary biosphere reserve
  • Ms. Gordana Beltram, Nature Conservation Unit, Directorate for the Environment, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Republic of Slovenia
- Ecosystems and climate action policy action
  • Ms. Alicia May Donnellan Barraclough, UNESCO MAB Youth representative
- Sustainable land management technologies supporting national restoration efforts and land degradation neutrality efforts
  • Mr. Nino Chickovani, Head of Land Resources Protection Division, Ministry of Environment of Georgia
- Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity to improve regulating and supporting ecosystem services and restoration: Lessons from Uzbekistan
  • Mr. Jahongir Talipov, Head of the International Cooperation and Projects Department, State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection of Uzbekistan
- Unlocking private finance for nature global lessons for the region
  • Mr. Jonathan Gheyssens, Programme Officer, UNEP
- Recommendations from the civil society for the forthcoming EU Nature Restoration Law
  • Mr. Sergiy Moroz, Policy Manager on Water and Biodiversity, European Environmental Bureau
11:40 -11:55 Discussion on lessons learned and the future opportunities Discussants : Ambassador Igli Hasani, Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities 11:55 – 12:00 Concluding remarks and closing of the event