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Double Book Launch: 'Religion, Hateful Expression…

Double Book Launch: 'Religion, Hateful Expression and Violence' and ICC-commentary in English, French and Arabic - ASP22 Side Event
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Digital public goods are changing the way international criminal law is disseminated, studied and consulted around the world. The Digital Public Goods Alliance has already certified a publisher that specializes in international criminal law (the Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher ('TOAEP')) and the leading e-learning platform in the field (Lexsitus), both built onto the award-winning ICC Legal Tools Database ('LTD').
Chaired by Professor Gregory S. Gordon (Chinese University of Hong Kong), this side-event discusses a significant new TOAEP-release on religious hate speech and a commentary in Arabic, English and French on Lexsitus:
  • Hate Speech in the Name of Religion: Are Religious Leaders and International Criminal Justice Doing Enough to Deter Such Hateful Expressions?
  • Online Commentary in Arabic, English and French Lexsitus: Has the Future of Digital Capacity-Building in International Criminal Law Arrived?

A side-event to the 22nd Session of the ICC Assembly of States Parties, convened by the Centre for International Law Research and Policy (CILRAP), co-sponsored by Norway, Indian Society of International Law, Coalition for International Criminal Justice, Clinique de droit international pénal et humanitaire (Université Laval), Stockholm Center for International Law and Justice, Human Rights Law Centre (University of Nottingham), Northumbria Centre for Evidence and Criminal Justice Studies, Norwegian Helsinki Committee, and Canadian Partnership for International Justice, with financial support from Justitierådet Edvard Cassels stiftelse.