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Combating Gender Apartheid: The Situation of Women…

Combating Gender Apartheid: The Situation of Women and Girls in Afghanistan
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The resurgence of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has marked a significant turning point, rekindling profound concerns about the rights and prospects of the Afghan population, with a particular focus on the vulnerable status of women and girls. This event aims to examine why today's Afghanistan is a state of "Gender Apartheid" and shed light on the pressing issues pertaining to women's rights and human rights under the Taliban regime.
As the international community gathers for the United Nations General Assembly, it becomes increasingly imperative to confront the multifaceted challenges faced by Afghan women and to ardently champion their fundamental rights and dignity. Under the Taliban regime, Afghan women find themselves grappling with a multitude of challenges that culminate in their almost complete elimination from society. These challenges are deeply ingrained and encompass various aspects of women's lives, reflecting a systemic Gender Apartheid.