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Third Committee, 28th plenary meeting - General…

Third Committee, 28th plenary meeting - General Assembly, 78th session

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Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee.
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Promotion and protection of human rights - Item 71 (A/78/198) Implementation of human rights instruments - Item 71 (a) (A/78/263, A/78/271, A/78/281, A/78/324, A/78/354, A/78/240, A/78/40, A/78/44, A/78/48, A/78/55, A/78/56) Human rights questions, including alternative approaches for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms - Item 71 (b) (A/78/182, A/78/241, A/78/242, A/78/260, A/78/269, A/78/270, A/78/272, A/78/298, A/78/306, A/78/311, A/78/347, A/78/125, A/78/131, A/78/136, A/78/155, A/78/160, A/78/161, A/78/166, A/78/167, A/78/168, A/78/169, A/78/171, A/78/172, A/78/173, A/78/174, A/78/175, A/78/176, A/78/179, A/78/180, A/78/181, A/78/185, A/78/192, A/78/195, A/78/196, A/78/202, A/78/203, A/78/207, A/78/213, A/78/226, A/78/227, A/78/243, A/78/245, A/78/246, A/78/253, A/78/254, A/78/255, A/78/262, A/78/282, A/78/288, A/78/289, A/78/310, A/78/364, A/78/520) Human rights situations and reports of special rapporteurs and representatives - Item 71 (c) (A/78/212, A/78/278, A/78/340, A/78/511, A/78/204, A/78/223, A/78/244, A/78/297, A/78/299, A/78/316, A/78/327, A/78/338, A/78/326, A/78/375, A/78/526, A/78/358, A/78/527) Comprehensive implementation of and follow-up to the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action - Item 71 (d) (A/78/36)
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