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2nd Session, 14th Meeting of the Task Force on…

2nd Session, 14th Meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate

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The fourteenth meeting of the Task Force on Water and Climate aims to discuss, plan and provide guidance to the implementation of the activities on water and climate under the programme of work for 2022-2024 of the Water Convention as well as to the planned activities under the next programme of work for 2025-2027 of the Water Convention.
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Item 4 continued: Mainstreaming transboundary and regional water cooperation in global climate change processes
  • Questions and answers
Item 5: Synergies with regional organizations' strategies and processes
  • 8. The Task Force will be informed on recent developments and updates and discuss possible alignment and synergies with regional organisations' strategies and processes on climate and transboundary water cooperation, such as the recent update of the EU guidance document on climate change in river basin management planning.
Item 6: Future work to address climate change in transboundary basins under the Water Convention
  • Background document : Programme of work for 2022-2024 (ECE/MP:WAT/63/Add.1)
  • 10. The Task Force will discuss the remaining activities in the Programme area 4 "Adapting to climate change in transboundary basins" to be undertaken as part of the Water Convention Programme of Work 2022-2024.
  • 11. After an introduction by the Secretariat about lessons learned and the process of developing the 2025-2027 work programme, the Task Force will also discuss future activities on climate change in transboundary basins under the new Water Convention Programme of Work 2025-2027 and beyond. Partners will be invited to provide insights on how they can contribute to the future program of work.
Item 7: Other business
  • 12. At the time of writing, the secretariat had no points to propose under this item. Delegates wishing to propose points under this item should inform the secretariat as soon as possible.
Item 8: Closing
  • 13. The co-Chairs will close the meeting at 18:00 on Wednesday, 28 February 2024.
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