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Gender Equity and Rights in the Prevention and…

Gender Equity and Rights in the Prevention and Control of NCDs: the role of Digital Health (CSW67 Side Event)

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Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are a leading cause of death across the world, resulting in 150 million premature deaths among people aged between 30 and 70 years, mostly in developing countries. In 2019, 7 of the 10 leading causes of global death were due to NCDs. Without imminent action, another 150 million people are projected to die prematurely from NCDs in the next decade.
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The purpose of this session is to discuss and highlight the relevance of digital health interventions in the context of non-communicable diseases and the importance of ensuring women's meaningful use of digital technology.

The objective of the session is to convene experts, advocates and Member States to:

  • Raise the priority accorded to the prevention and control of NCDs through digital health programs, research, innovation, data, and digital solutions
  • Discuss ways to meaningfully engage women and girls to co-create spaces for overcoming barriers, sharing experience and solidarity
  • Consider how the digital divide affects women and men and their experiences of NCDs
  • Discuss the role digital health can play in the prevention and control of NCDs using a gender equity and rights approach
  • Spotlight grassroots innovations that have identified clear needs and gaps in local communities and promote equitable, inclusive and sustainable solutions for addressing NCDs among women and girls
  • Inspire and support the development of initiatives to accelerate national NCD responses and reduce premature NCD-related mortality through digital health programs
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