Water For Food Security and Nutrition - SDG Media…

Water For Food Security and Nutrition - SDG Media Zone (UN 2023 Water Conference)

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Water and food security are inextricably connected. Water is a crucial element across humanitarian, development, and peace nexus. Addressing water-related issues lies at the core of responding to emergencies and tackling some of the root causes of current food security challenges. Systemic and multi-sectoral approach to water-related interventions are key to making meaningful and sustainable livelihood improvements and ensuring food security for today and in the future.
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  • Michael Dunford, Regional Director for Eastern Africa, WFP

  • Claudia Sadoff, Executive Managing Director, CGIAR

  • Dean Muruven, Associate Director Water & Nature, Boston Consulting Group 

  • Moderator:  Jessica Lily Jenner, Partnerships Lead, Devex

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