General Assembly

Second Committee, 22nd meeting (10th plenary meeting…

Second Committee, 22nd meeting (10th plenary meeting) - General Assembly, 76th session
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Economic and Financial Committee.
  •  Macroeconomic policy questions - Item 18
  •  International trade and development - Item 18 (a) (A/C.2/76/L.16/Rev.1)
  •  Promotion of international cooperation to combat illicit financial flows and strengthen good practices on assets return to foster sustainable development - Item 18 (f) (A/C.2/76/L.28/Rev.1)
  •  Sustainable development - Item 20
  •  Protection of global climate for present and future generations of humankind - Item 20 (d) (A/C.2/76/L.19/Rev.1)
  •  Strengthening cooperation for integrated coastal zone management for achieving sustainable development - Item 20 (l) (A/C.2/76/L.38/Rev.1)
  •  Revitalization of the work of the General Assembly - Item 122 (A/C.2/76/L.61)
  •  Programme planning - Item 139

 Action on draft proposals listed above

  •  Conclusion of the work of the Second Committee for the main part of the session.