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Where do we stand halfway to 2030? How national…

Where do we stand halfway to 2030? How national human rights institutions accelerate progress towards the SDGs

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National human rights institutions (NHRIs) play an integral part in supporting achievement of the 2030 Agenda. 
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The contribution NHRIs can make in support of 2030 Agenda implementation includes: promoting and monitoring implementation of the SDGs and international human rights standards; advising the state and its institutions on rights-based implementation and development of policies, planning ,and reporting; report on progress made at national level to Parliament and the public, building bridges between communities and state institutions; and holding governments to account for uneven or poor performance. NHRIs also promote effective and meaningful space for consultation and participation. They give voice to the voiceless and their work is critical in the central promise of the SDGs – to leave no one behind and to reach those furthest behind first.

This event seeks to:

1. Demonstrate through examples of practical work the contributions of NHRIs as key actors for sustainable development, human rights, and peace and security.

2. Highlight the importance of establishing more Paris Principles compliant NHRIs to support sustainable development and as an indicator of progress towards the SDGs.

3. Explore opportunities to facilitate and leverage the work of NHRIs in national and global systems for sustainable development.

4. Improve awareness of the challenges and risks NHRIs face in carrying out their mandates, which impedes development progress, and the need to strengthen protection mechanisms for human rights defenders.

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