Climate Activists Take Over COP27 for People's…

Climate Activists Take Over COP27 for People's Plenary
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Hundreds of civil society representatives took over the COP27 plenary to demand climate justice. The ceremony started with a blessing from the indigenous peoples of Brazil, reflecting the important role of spirituality as part of climate action.

"We are all connected, humans and non-humans… everything is sacred and what was created can't be part of a market. Nature is life", said the group's chief.

The so-called People's Plenary, which takes place every year at the UN climate summits, this year featured the representatives of the constituencies of indigenous peoples, women, youth and workers, among others. One after the other, activists shared their vision and experience regarding climate change, and spoke about the human rights which, they underscored, are being violated by the current crisis.

"Incredible young people from the global North and the global South are standing together in solidarity asking for action. But we need to look for more than hope.  We need those in power to actually listen and implement the solutions," the leader of the Youth constituency declared.