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Geneva Press Briefing: WHO, OHCHR, OCHA, UNHCR…

Geneva Press Briefing: WHO, OHCHR, OCHA, UNHCR, WMO, UNCTAD

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UN Geneva press briefing chaired by Alessandra Vellucci, Director, UN Information Service
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 WHO              Christian Lindmeier (PR) with Dr Francesco BRANCA, Director, Department of Nutrition and Food Safety

·       Progress update in eliminating industrially produced trans fat globally

OHCHR         Jeremy Laurence (PR) with James Rodehaver, UN Human Rights Office's head of                     Myanmar Team (From Bangkok)

·       Human rights situation in Myanmar ahead of the 3rd anniversary of the coup.


WMO             Clare Nullis (PR)

·       New heat record for Europe


UNCTAD       Catherine Huissoud (PR)

·       Preliminary assessment of the economic impact of the destruction of Gaza and prospects for economic recovery.


WHO  Christian Lindmeier (PR)

·       Embargoed Virtual Press Conference on World Cancer Day - Tuesday, 14:00 CET

·       Virtual opening press conference of the global tobacco control governing bodies: COP10 & MOP3 - Tuesday, 15:00 CET

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