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Role of Youth in Digital Transformation: Towards…

Role of Youth in Digital Transformation: Towards Inclusive Growth and Social Justice (CSocD62 Side Event)

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This side event will explore how digital transformation can impact inclusive growth and equitable distribution, the role of youth in the digital transformation era as 'the key to poverty eradication,' and policy measures for youth inclusion.
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Digital transformation has become an essential component of poverty eradication, and countries are calling for greater investment in infrastructure, skills development, and regulation. And it is the current generation of youth who will continue the mission of developing and utilizing technology and eradicating poverty. The panels will share success stories from the crisis of digital transformation to inclusive growth and social justice, explore the impact of digital transformation on families and the initiatives needed to make youth digital experts. UN Youth Delegates of The Blue Tree Foundation from the Republic of Korea will also participate as moderator and speakers to share their thoughts on digital transformation and the role of youth in inclusive growth.
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