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Economic Resilience Through Water Resilience:…

Economic Resilience Through Water Resilience: Managing Economies for Uncertainty and Change (UN 2023 Water Conference Side Event)

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This side event is organized by a consortium of UN Member States, international finance institutions, intergovernmental organizations, companies, and NGOs involved in an ongoing effort to define the practice of water resilience for economic planning, evaluation, and management. 
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The Water Resilience for Economic Resilience (WR4ER) initiative is a cross-sectoral partnership designed to develop the evidence, guidelines, and transformative tools and approaches that enable water-centric economic resilience principles necessary to achieve all the SDGs — including SDG 6 — as well as other conventions such as the UNFCCC Paris Agreement and the Sendai Disaster RIsk Reduction Framework. 

The audience for this event stretches beyond the water or climate communities, with the intention of reaching senior decision makers in finance ministries, macroeconomic planning, central banks, and investors. 

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