Session 6: Parallel Breakout Session B - United…

Session 6: Parallel Breakout Session B - United Nations Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism 2022
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Session 6: Parallel Breakout Session B - Cross-border victims of terrorism
Cross-border victims often experience an array of unique and complex challenges, layers of bureaucratic hurdles, and a heightened risk for secondary victimization. Differences between rights and legal frameworks in a variety of countries may be confusing for cross-border victims. The lack of familiarity with a foreign system may hinder the cross-border victims' access to support and assistance services, and to justice more generally. The session will explore how to strengthen international collaboration and coordination of cross-border victims. The cooperation between local foreign ministries and embassies and consulates is essential to help identify the needs for both information and assistance and support of cross-border victims. Focus will also highlight the assistance and care in their country of origin.