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15 Years, One Vision: Knowledge for Tomorrow

15 Years, One Vision: Knowledge for Tomorrow
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As we stand at the midpoint of realizing the 2030 Agenda, the objective of this event is to underscore and advocate for the paramount significance of knowledge, skills and data as enablers for advancing progress on the sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

The event endeavors to spark conversations that transcend traditional boundaries, encouraging participants from diverse fields including academia, industry and government to engage in dialogue, exchange insights and share best practices. By doing so, it aspires to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem of stakeholders united by a common purpose, to unleash the potential of knowledge as an enabler for positive change.

The event aims to explore how knowledge and data can serve as enablers for driving game-changing transformation in education and jobs. The multifaceted ways in which informed decision-making, evidence-based policies, and innovative solutions derived from comprehensive data analysis can collectively propel humanity towards a more equitable, resilient and ecologically balanced future will be discussed.