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Renewed Partnership in South-South and Triangular…

Renewed Partnership in South-South and Triangular Cooperation: leveraging Innovation and Cutting-Edge Technology (HLPF 2023 Side Event)

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The High-level Side Event, organized by the Bangladesh Government, seeks to identify how South South Cooperation can be leveraged to dramatically reduce digital divide through e-Quality Center for Inclusive Innovation. Through panel discussion and interactive dialogues, distinguished speakers and participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences, lessons learned, and effective strategies in leveraging innovation and technology for sustainable development.
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Expected Outcomes

  • Leveraging South South Cooperation as a medium to reduce existing digital divide in global southern countries.
  • Enhancing understanding of the impact of South-South and triangular cooperation in tackling global challenges by harnessing frontier technology, research and development, and innovation.
  • Recognition of effective approaches, achievements, and valuable insights in utilizing advanced science and future-oriented technologies for sustainable development
  • Exploration of possibilities for collaborative research, joint initiatives, and partnerships in common areas of interest. 
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