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Stronger Together: Collaboration for a Cyber-Safe…

Stronger Together: Collaboration for a Cyber-Safe World
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Cyber threats are no longer solely a result of behavior by rogue states but are today's tools for criminal groups, private hackers and terrorist organizations. This reality requires states reassess their actions, and more than that, it demands that the global community considers how to strengthen Digital Security and how to leverage the digital transformation responsibly and inclusively for progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN in cooperation with Israel's National Cyber Directorate will host an interactive event at the UN HQ that would address these issues. The event will elaborate on the case study of Israel and on ideas for pursuing global action in the UN fora. 

The event will also discuss the interaction between states and companies that lead the way forward and promote economic growth. The event will be with the participation of Team 8 - an Israeli-based venture that creates a community of hundreds of enterprise executives, academics and entrepreneurs that identify and solve complex contemporary challenges relevant to Digital Security.