Interview with General Birame Diop, outgoing MILAD…

Interview with General Birame Diop, outgoing MILAD, UN Dept of Peace Operations

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The outgoing UN Military Adviser Gen. Birame Diop EXPLAINS WHY peacekeeping matters.
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As long as humanity will exist,

we will always have crises, we will have conflict, unfortunately.

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General Birame Diop

Outgoing Military Adviser

UN Department of Peace Operations

And we need, therefore, a mechanism to minimize the occurrence

of these conflict and crises, but also when they occur,

we need mechanisms that will help us solve these crises and conflict.

And for the moment, we have the least worst solution of these crises is peacekeeping.

It's not perfect.  We are aware of this.   It will never be.

But without peacekeeping, it would have been extremely challenging

for us to remain in peace.

And peacekeeping has proven that it can solve some conflict.

I can give you the example of Timor-Leste.

I can give you the examples of 

Côte d'Ivoire, of Sierra Leone, of Liberia, where peacekeeping has helped countries retrieve,

retrieve the peace and stability.

And now these countries are even participating in peacekeeping.

What really matters is that we need to keep trying to improve peacekeeping.

Peacekeeping will always matter, but we need to keep improving it, making sure

that we have the right mandate, making sure that we 

deal with expectation gaps.

Therefore, we explain better what peacekeeping can do

and what peacekeeping cannot do.  We also need today to accompany

our peacekeeping missions with very efficient strategic communication 

that prevent mis- and dis-information to destroy everything we are doing.

And finally, peacekeeping matters.  It will always matter.  Peacekeeping cannot be successful if the host nations are not supporting our peacekeeping missions.

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