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Third Committee, 19th meeting - General Assembly…

Third Committee, 19th meeting - General Assembly, 76th session

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Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee.
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  • Promotion and protection of human rights - Item 74

Implementation of human rights instruments - Item 74 (a) - A/76/147, A/76/256, A/76/301, A/76/168, A/76/254, A/76/199

Human rights questions, including alternative approaches for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms - Item 74 (b) - A/76/164, A/76/244, A/76/246, A/76/249, A/76/253, A/76/255, A/76/262, A/76/266, A/76/273, A/76/285, A/76/295, A/76/315, A/76/142, A/76/143, A/76/146, A/76/148, A/76/152, A/76/154, A/76/157, A/76/158, A/76/159, A/76/162, A/76/166, A/76/167, A/76/169, A/76/170, A/76/172, A/76/174, A/76/176, A/76/177, A/76/178, A/76/179, A/76/180, A/76/207, A/76/220, A/76/222, A/76/237, A/76/238, A/76/257, A/76/258, A/76/261, A/76/263, A/76/264, A/76/380, A/76/126, A/76/153, A/76/165, A/76/247, A/76/155

Human rights situations and reports of special rapporteurs and representatives - Item 74 (c) - A/76/242, A/76/260, A/76/268, A/76/312, A/76/145, A/76/160, A/76/314, A/76/392, A/76/118, A/76/127, A/76/149, A/76/161, A/76/163, A/76/221, A/76/317

Comprehensive implementation of and follow-up to the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action - Item 74 (d) - A/76/36

Introductory statements by special procedures mandate holders, followed by interactive dialogue

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