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Building on the Nexus of Forests, Energy and Livelihoods…

Building on the Nexus of Forests, Energy and Livelihoods to Accelerate Achievement of the SDGs

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The event aims to present an overview of the key global trends on forests, energy, and livelihoods, and to showcase the important contributions of forests and sustainable management of forests to energy, livelihoods, and the Sustainable Development Goals.
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To seize the opportunity of the ongoing preparations for the SDG Summit in September 2023, and considering the current global economic situation, from the prospect for a global recession to increased energy and commodity prices, the Bureau of the eighteenth session of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF18) decided to convene this event.

The event will showcase the nexus between forests and energy. This includes bioenergy, its pros and cons, and the means to address its negative impacts. It also includes the means  to ensure access to efficient and clean bioenergy, while reversing deforestation, forest degradation, biodiversity loss, climate change, and improving livelihoods including reducing poverty, and promoting decent employment and health. The event will also be an occasion for sharing suggestions and proposals to move towards integrated approaches to the forests-energy-livelihoods nexus in support of the SDGs. 

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