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Noon briefing by Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary-General.
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First off, I have an appointment to announce: Following the recommendation of the Secretary-General, after consultation with Member States, the General Assembly has confirmed Inger Andersen of Denmark as Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme for a further four-year term, beginning on 15 June 2023 and ending on 14 June 2027. Ms. Andersen is currently serving her initial four-year term.

Before becoming Executive Director in 2019, Ms. Andersen was engaged in international development economics, environmental sustainability and policymaking for over 30 years. The Secretary-General delivered his special address to the plenary meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos today. He laid out a blunt picture of the state of the world and divisions standing in the way of global problem-solving.  "I am not here to sugar-coat the scale of that challenge – or the sorry state of our world," he said. "We can't confront problems unless we look them squarely in the eye. And we are looking into the eye of a Category 5 hurricane." The Secretary-General detailed the challenges we face regarding global health, the fear of recession, debt load, violations of international law and climate change – to name just a few. "It would be difficult to find solutions to these global problems in the best of times – if the world was united," Mr. Guterres said. "But these are far from the best of times – and the world is far from united." He encouraged world leaders to work to control the damage and seize opportunities. "Now more than ever, it's time to forge the pathways to cooperation in our fragmented world," he said.  Earlier this morning, the Secretary-General met with Alain Berset, the President of the Swiss Confederation. Following the address, the Secretary-General attended the annual Informal Gathering of World Economic Leaders. On the margins of the World Economic Forum, the Secretary-General had a number of meetings with private sector leaders relating to the Black Sea Grain Initiative and the export of Russian fertilizer. He also participated in an event organized by the UN Global Compact. Later this evening, he will attend an evening event with the Global Investors for Sustainable Development. The Secretary-General will call on members of the alliance to leverage their expertise and influence to reach the wider universe of businesses, including in developing countries, to scale up investments for sustainable development.

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