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Sustainable Financing and Gap-Bridging Partnerships…

Sustainable Financing and Gap-Bridging Partnerships for Nature in SIDS (HLPF 2023 Special Event)
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The SIDS Coalition for Nature will be organizing a Ministerial level event on financing solutions for nature in SIDS. The SIDS Coalition will take this opportunity to launch a new proposal for SIDS / by SIDS on: "Regional SIDS-SIDS Peer-learning and Cooperation on Financing Solutions for Nature." 

The launching event will be co-chaired at Ministerial level by Cabo Verde and Luxembourg, respectively Member and Friend of the Coalition. Other Members and Friends of the Coalition will be intervening at high level (Secretary of States and Ministers) such as: France, Dominican Republic, Japan, Seychelles, Canada and Belize.

The CBD Secretariat will be closing the event and UNDESA will be moderating it. In addition to the proposal for collaboration that will be presented, the event will also be the opportunity to learn from countries about their best practices, lessons learned and opportunities for financing solutions in the SIDS context. 

The Coalition is a growing platform for gap-bridging partnerships in Nature for SIDS. Over 30 Governments (SIDS and non-SIDS) have now joined the SIDS Coalition since its Launch and its Call for Action at COP15 in Montreal with the support of the UN DSG and UN SG's Special Envoy for the Ocean. The SIDS Coalition is co-led by Samoa, Belize, Cabo Verde and Seychelles and has been supported by DESA SIDS Unit.

Also, for information: the SIDS Coalition is a strategic partner of the SIDS Flagship (developed by FAO, UNEP and DESA) under the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration which got an Award last year during World Restoration Day