(Closed captions) Transforming Education Summit…

(Closed captions) Transforming Education Summit (Youth-led Mobilization Day) - 1) Opening. 2) Intergenerational dialogues.
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The Mobilization Day at the Transforming Education Summit (16, 17 & 19 September 2022) will be youth-led and youth-organized and will involve the full participation of a wide range of stakeholders. It will serve to convey the collective recommendations of youth on transforming education to decision and policymakers, informed by the Summit Youth Declaration.

The Mobilization Day will also focus on mobilizing the global public, youth, teachers, civil society and others to support the transformation of education across the world. Ministers and Member State delegations are actively encouraged to participate in these engagements.

  • Opening: solidarity circle – a global movement towards education transformation

This session highlights the importance of solidarity in education transformation by celebrating the voices of children and youth in their diversity. 1. Opening performance 2. Keynote interventions from youth 3. Power panel

  • Intergenerational dialogues: young people at the center of transforming education

This session features conversations between young people and political leaders on enabling participatory dialogues to transform education. 1. Introduction: Why intergenerational dialogues? 2. Meaningfully engaging youth in transforming education - Good practices in youth engagement - Improving youth participation in transforming education

The Transforming Education Summit is being convened in response to a global crisis in education – one of equity and inclusion, quality and relevance. Often slow and unseen, this crisis is having a devastating impact on the futures of children and youth worldwide. The Summit provides a unique opportunity to elevate education to the top of the global political agenda and to mobilize action, ambition, solidarity and solutions to recover pandemic-related learning losses and sow the seeds to transform education in a rapidly changing world.