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Water, Economy & Other topics – PGA Spokesperson…

Water, Economy & Other topics – PGA Spokesperson's Briefing

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Briefing by Paulina Kubiak, Spokesperson for the President of the 77th Session of the General Assembly.
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President Csaba Kőrösi today reiterated the importance of finding scientific solutions to the question of water.

I’ve been asked a lot about the Credentials Committee. I can tell you that the General Assembly will take up the report of the Credentials Committee this Friday, 16 December, in the afternoon.

President Kőrösi today is meeting with the Steering Committee on Accessibility, chaired by the representatives from the Permanent Mission of Antigua and Barbuda, and the United States.

And turning to tomorrow, 14 December, President Kőrösi will speak to the Security Council in an open debate entitled “New Orientation for Reformed Multilateralism”.

And I was asked yesterday about when the General Assembly will hear reports of the Second Committee – which deals with economic and financial issues. That will be tomorrow, Wednesday at 3PM ET.

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