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WHO Press conference: update on drug-resistant…

WHO Press conference: update on drug-resistant bacteria

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Update on list of drug-resistant bacteria
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WHO updates list of drug-resistant bacteria. 

WHO plans to release its updated Bacterial Pathogen Priority List (BPPL), featuring 15 families of antibiotic-resistant bacteria of public health importance. This revised list reflects how antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is evolving and highlights the importance of continuous research and development (R&D), surveillance, and investments to address emerging public health threats. 

Like the first BPPL released in 2017, the bacteria are organized into critical, high, and medium priority tiers, offering a structured approach for targeted interventions and resource allocation. 

  • Dr Alexandra Cameron, Senior Advisor, and acting Unit Head of Impact Initiatives and Research Coordination, WHO AMR Division.
  • Dr Hatim Sati, BPPL project lead. Technical Officer, WHO AMR Division.
Moderated by: Tarik Jasarevic, WHO spokesperson

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