Press Conferences

Geneva Press Briefing: HRC, WHO, IFRC, IOM, WFP…

Geneva Press Briefing: HRC, WHO, IFRC, IOM, WFP, UNCTAD, ITU


  • HRC - Pascal Sim 

          - Human Rights Council update 

  • WHO - Margaret Harris
           - WHO Global Conference: Engaging Patients for Patient Safety
  • ITU - David Hirsch  

          - Release of annual data on the global offline population

          - SDG Digital activities.

  • UNCTAD - Catherine Huissoud 

           - World Investment Forum 2023 – Abu Dhabi UAE 16-20 October


  • IFRC - Tommaso Della Longa with Caroline Holt, IFRC global director for operations 

          - Earthquake in Morocco: current emergency response, priorities and present the next steps

  • Tamer Ramadan 

           - Flooding in Libya:  latest updates on the situation and IFRC response.

  • IOM - Paul Dillon with Julia Black, Missing Migrants Proyect (MMP) project officer

           - IOM's Missing Migrants Project's 2022 annual report of migrant deaths and disappearances in the 


  •  WFP - Arif Husain, WFP Chief Economist

            - Impact of WFP ration cuts on global food security

  • WHO - Margaret Harris with Dr Alexandra Fleischmann, Scientist, Mental Health Unit, Department of Mental Health and Substance Use
          - Two new publications on suicide prevention