Facing a water challenge? We've got solutions…

Facing a water challenge? We've got solutions! - SDG Media Zone (UN 2023 Water Conference)

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Learn more about UNDP'S solutions catalogue offering tested, replicable and up scalable tools, approaches and innovations addressing challenges in ensuring water access, water security, and water quality through real stories from the ground. UNDP water projects improve lives for communities and enable various sectors to overcome water challenges exacerbated by climate change and affecting freshwater ecosystems, to accelerate sustainable development for all, leaving no one behind.
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  • Mary Matthews, Former Project manager, GEF Kura Project and Senior Technical Advisor Water & Ocean a.i., UNDP 

  • Damian Indij,  Virtual Campus Coordinator, Cap-Net 

  • Moderator: Shomy Chowdhury, Generation17 young leader and WASH advocate 

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