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2nd Meeting, Social Forum 2021

2nd Meeting, Social Forum 2021
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The 2021 Social Forum will be convened as humanity faces the profound, unprecedented and multiple crises from the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to pose a threat to the social and economic fabric of countries worldwide, in addition to the immediate health crisis.

-- Live performance on the theme of "International cooperation and solidarity", played by the UN Music Club in Geneva (Mr. Damianos Serefidis, violin, and Mr. Michael Wiener, piano/composition, OHCHR staff members)

--- COVID-19 and Civil and Political Rights:

-- Moderator: Mr. Hérnan Vales, Human Rights and Democracy Advisor, OHCHR

-- Ms. Faith Kasina, Coordinator for Kayole Social Justice Center - The right to life, equality before the law and freedom of expression

-- Ms. Katerina Hadzi-Miceva Evans, Executive Director, European Center for Not-for-Profit Law - COVID-19, civic space and fundamental freedoms

-- Ms. Barbara Bernath, Secretary General, Association for the Prevention of Torture - The rights of persons deprived of liberty and COVID-19

-- Ms. Kasari Govender, Human Rights Commissioner of British Columbia - Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination and Vaccine Passports

--- Interactive dialogue ---

--- COVID-19 and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:

-- Moderator: Mr. Melik Özden, Director, Centre Europe-Tiers Monde (CETIM)

-- Ms. Angela Frigo, Secretary General of the European Food Banks Federation - The right to food in times of COVID-19

-- Ms. Soledad García Muñoz, Special Rapporteur on Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights - Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights

-- Ms. Catarina de Albuquerque, Chief Executive Officer, UN hosted Sanitation and Water for All Partnership - Imagine COVID-19 in a world with water and sanitation for all

-- Mr. Obi Aginam, Adjunct Research Professor of Law, Carleton University, Canada - Intellectual Property Rights and Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

--- Interactive dialogue ---

--- Side Events ---