Supporting States, Realizing Rights: the 4th cycle…

Supporting States, Realizing Rights: the 4th cycle of the UPR and 15th Anniversary of the Voluntary Fund for Financial and Technical Assistance in the implementation of the universal periodic review
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The universal periodic review (UPR) is a universal peer-review mechanism whose main objective is to improve the human rights situation on the ground through nationally owned processes.
States lead the UPR process and make sovereign decisions on recommendations they support – thus prioritize for action over the next five years. The UPR relies for its content on the work of the UN human Rights Treaty Bodies, Special Procedures Mandate Holders and on recommendations made by OHCHR and the entire UN system. The essential contribution of Regional Human Rights Mechanisms (RHRMs), National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) and NGOs ensure that the reviews include all critical protection concerns.