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Advancing the Sustainability and Adaptability…

Advancing the Sustainability and Adaptability of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

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Two main challenges in developing policy and implementing the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda are the need for coordination on existing efforts and addressing the issue of sustainability.
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In advance of the session, the Secretariat has provided the following guiding questions for the interventions focused on the priorities of the U.S.-Romania Co-Chairship:

  • Considering that conflict prevention and women's meaningful participation in decision-making processes is at the heart of the WPS agenda, what specific conflict prevention actions can Network members take to advance peace and security through an inclusive approach?
  • How have Network members utilized WPS NAPs and strategies in whole-of-government efforts to respond to armed conflicts, climate change, disaster relief and response, arms control and disarmament, and cyber insecurity?
  • How can Network members collectively ensure the sustainability of the WPS agenda given slow progress in implementing WPS commitments and the global backsliding on women's rights and gender equality?
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