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Youth Investment in the SDGs with Creative Problem…

Youth Investment in the SDGs with Creative Problem-Solving and Coding - SDG Media Zone at the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly
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Coding is a 21st Century+ skill that our future workforce needs to solve the world’s grand challenges embodied in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The discussion will showcase the passion and enthusiasm of today’s youth to solve the challenges they face through creativity in STE(A)M and showcase successful outcomes when the private sector joins forces with NGOs to educate, inspire and empower youth as future STEM leaders in their communities and the world.


  • Michael Melillo, Sr. Director of Network Monitoring and Management Software Products,Broadcom Inc.
  • Bervin Harris, Renaissance Youth Center
  • Johan Santana, Young innovator who codes to address SDG 3 and 10

Moderator: María Susana Roa Chejin, GK newspaper, RAF fellow