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Consideration of Italy (Cont'd) - 2505th Meeting…

Consideration of Italy (Cont'd) - 2505th Meeting 91st Session Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination

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Consideration of Italy (Cont'd)

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Delegation of Italy 1. H.E. Amb. Maurizio Enrico Serra, Permanent Representative, Head of Delegation 2. Mrs. Cristina Carenza, Deputy Permanent Mission of Italy 3. Mrs. Daniela d'Orlandi,First Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Italy 4. Mr. Massimo Baldassarre,First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Italy 5. Mr. Fabrizio Petri, interministerial Committee for Human Rights, President 6. Mrs. Cristiana Carletti, Interministerial Committee for Human Rights, Professor of International Law, human rights expert 7. Mr. Francesco Spano, General Director, Department for Equal Opportunities National Office Against Racial Discrimination 8. Ms. Carla Marini,expert,Department for Equal Opportunities National Office Against Racial Discrimination 9. Ms. Linda DiAncona, Magistrate,Head of Cabinet Office, Ministry Office 10. Mr. Stefano Chirico, Lieutenant Colonel of the Italian National Police (OSCAD)
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