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Family Policy & Population Research Forum (CPD57 Side Event)

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As it is highlighted by the latest report of UN Secretary-General on the implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action (E/CN.9/2024/2), the world is now entering into a pivotal phase of demographic transition. While rapid population growth continues to pose a challenge and an opportunity to a considerable number of countries worldwide, an important number of other countries are experiencing an increasing demographic decline and population ageing.
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In this context, the present side event will showcase a review of some of the current academic literature related to population and family dynamics, examining what makes an effective policy, and discussing the success rate of policies intended to mitigate sub-replacement fertility from various national contexts. By doing so, the event will provide an opportunity for delegates, researchers and international policymakers to discuss how policy choices influence family formation and fertility, and supply evidence to inform future policy-making, so that Member States, together with all relevant stakeholders, can better support present and upcoming generations in their family goals and contribute to stabilizing fertility levels on the long term.
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