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Open briefing of the Counter-Terrorism Committee…

Open briefing of the Counter-Terrorism Committee on South-East European Member States' implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions and the Committee's visit recommendations

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The briefing will provide an opportunity to take stock of the measures adopted and progress made by Member States of the sub-region in the area of implementing relevant Security Council resolutions on counter-terrorism and the Committee's recommendations.
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Considering the international and regional cooperation mechanisms in place among the Member States of the subregion, the briefing would also provide an opportunity to strengthen collaboration with United Nations bodies and relevant international and regional organizations and other relevant partners, including members of civil society.

It is expected that the open briefing will enable entities and organizations which are currently providing and/or planning to provide counter-terrorism technical assistance in the region to align their projects, as appropriate, with the threats and challenges identified by Member States in the subregion and in line with the requirements of relevant resolutions, so that they are implemented in a coordinated manner, based on a results-driven and risk-based approach.

The open briefing will be structured into two segments focusing on, respectively:

  • The evolving terrorism threat in the subregion and efforts taken by South-East European States at the national and regional levels in response, in line with relevant Security Council resolutions and the Committee's recommendations;
  • Activities of the United Nations and other international and regional organizations in the area of providing technical assistance to South-East European States in countering terrorism and violent extremism conducive to terrorism.
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