Artists Call for Harmony with Nature, SDG Media…

Artists Call for Harmony with Nature, SDG Media Zone (16-24 September 2021)
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As world leaders meet during the annual UN General Assembly to discuss global challenges, including the need to restore balance with nature and tackle the climate emergency, the organization's iconic building will light up with images of marine species in an effort to symbolize the relationship between humans and the world's rich biodiversity.

The Interspecies Assembly, a public film art project produced by Danish artists, SUPERFLEX, and commissioned by ART 2030, will show the movement of Siphonophores, marine creatures that live in colonies, in the ocean's deep sea, illustrating the necessity and impact of working together, and in harmony with nature.


Luise Faurschou, Founder, ART 2030; Rasmus Rosengren Nielsen, SUPERFLEX; Host: Conor Lennon, UN News.