5 questions with Wint Pyae (Julie) Lynn Htaik…

5 questions with Wint Pyae (Julie) Lynn Htaik, UNDSS Administrative Assistant in New York
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In this interview, we meet Wint Pyae (Julie) Lynn Htaik, an administrative assistant in the office of the Director of Regional Operations at UNDSS. Julie takes us through her UN journey, starting as a mail assistant during the 2019 General Assembly period. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, she landed an interview in UNDSS and transitioned to the Middle East and North Africa section before joining the director's office.

Julie shares what she loves the most about her job, her fondest memory with the UN in Turkey, and the personality traits that have led her to thrive in her role. Julie also has her own way of unwinding after work. 

Join us in this interview to get to know Julie, discovering her passion for work, and how she balances her commitments both inside and outside the office.