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Strengthening the Resilience of Farming Systems…

Strengthening the Resilience of Farming Systems: Land, Digital Transformation and Access to Finance – Making Small Holder Farmers the Back Bones - ADS 2022
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Productivity-enhancing technologies and practices are an important starting element for agricultural transformation. However, even once they are on the market, there are still major gaps in farmer access to and adoption of these solutions, particularly for women who comprise most smallholder farmers and who would benefit the most.

Smallholder farmers' yields in most African countries remain low, and technologies and practices that have long been replaced in favor of more productive and efficient ones in other parts of the world continue to be used in Africa. The challenge is creating the conditions for smallholder farmer adoption of new inputs and practices by developing and strengthening systems and institutions that delivery technologies and impact at farm level.

Scaling technologies needs both public and private sector investment into the following priorities: well organized input delivery systems, mature and functional market outlets, conducive policy environments for private sector investments to thrive, and functional and efficient regulatory environments.

With information, access, and confidence of returns, smallholder farmers will in general pro-actively invest in activities that increase their income. The process of technology-transfer and adoption along integrated value chains with adequate market access at local levels, when multiplied across millions of farms across the continent, contributes to economic stimulation in rural areas and ensure greater food security at national levels.