Roundtable discussion: Don't Leave the Youth Behind…

Roundtable discussion: Don't Leave the Youth Behind

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This roundtable will give voice to the youth. Young people are instrumental in finding solutions to the challenge of inequality. Today's youth form the generation that has the best chance to end poverty, stop climate change and ensure the Sustainable Development Goals become a reality. Young people want to play an active role in reducing consumption and turning excessive urban waste into wealth through innovation.
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Moderator: Ms. Rümeysa Kadak, Member of Parliament of the Republic of Türkiye Participants: Dr. Hayri Baracli, Secretary General of Union of Municipalities of Türkiye Mr. M. Abdülhalim Aksu, Secretary General of the World Ethnosport Confederation Ms. Olga Tsaplina, Youth Expert Ms. Taylor Elanie Garner, Youth 2030 Cities
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