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(Part 3) United Nations Academic Conference on…

(Part 3) United Nations Academic Conference on Africa (5-7 December 2023)
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Redefining African Futures: The State, Resilience, and Pathways to Progress.

Each of the 3 half-days session will include keynote speakers and the presentation of 2 to 3 papers for discussion. Following each paper presentation will be responses by discussants representing academia, as well as the UN system and/or government (depending upon the approach of the paper). This will be followed by interactive discussions with featured speakers and the audience having an opportunity to exchange views on the issues under discussion.

In an effort to strengthen African representation in global development scholarship and ensure that African voices are heard in the debates that help to shape the continent's future, the Office of the Special Adviser will launch an annual academic conference and journal, with the aim of providing platforms for African scholarship that address the wide-ranging scope of Africa's development, with particular emphasis on the quadruple nexus of development, peace, humanitarian work and human rights.

The academic conference will provide a platform for selected authors to present their research and analysis on issues related to development, peace, humanitarian action, and human rights in Africa.  The conference will bring together African scholars, policymakers, and practitioners from different sectors and disciplines, and will feature keynote speeches from leading experts as well as panel discussions on the most pressing issues facing African communities. Selected authors will be invited to present their research and participate in these panel discussions, providing an opportunity for them to share their findings and insights with a wider audience.