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3rd Meeting, 13th Session of Working Party on…

3rd Meeting, 13th Session of Working Party on Land Administration
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The Thirteenth Session of the Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA) will provide an international platform for exchange on issues related to land administration and management. Representatives of the UNECE member States will elect one Chairperson, two Vice-Chairpersons and and as many additional Bureau members as WPLA deems appropriate during the session.
10.00-12.00: Item 4: Keynote segment: Ecosystems and security for future land administration arrangements: In the light of digital transformation, data revolution and other megatrends, the land sector experiences change. This segment will focus onthe discussion of impacts and actions with respect to security aspects and the interplay between actors as well as of functions within the land sector, including cadaster and land registration, land use planning and urban development, and spatial data infrastructure. Ecosystems of actors and their functions and security in land administration - Fredrik Zetterquist, WPLA Chair Geospatial Information EcosystemsHartmut Müller, Mainz University, Mainz, Germany, and representative of FIG Digital Transformation: an ecosystem of security in land administration - Neoclis Neocleous, Chief Lands Officer, Department of Lands and Surveys of Cyprus Panel discussion Pekka Halme, Senior Advisor at National Land Survey, Finland Pilar Verdejo, WPLA Bureau member, Spain  Elena Busch, WPLA Bureau member, Norway Mari Khardziani, WPLA Bureau member, Georgia Arevik Avoyan, Deputy head of the Cadastre Committee, Armenia Tea Dabrundashvili, Land Tenure Officer, FAO, Rome, Italy 12.00-13.00: Item 5: Collaboration with the UNECE Real Estate Market Advisory Group on Climate-Neutral, Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Buildings and Cities (REM): Paloma Taltavull, Professor, Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, Spain; and REM Chair; and Nuria Raga Sastre, Land and Property Registrar, Spain; REM Advisory Group member, will present the REM programme of work. The session participants will be invited to reflect on the presentation and propose possible collaboration between WPLA and REM.