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Non-discrimination, inclusion, and equality through…

Non-discrimination, inclusion, and equality through combatting the derogatory use of the word "Mongol" in relation to the people with down syndrome

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To commemorate the International Day of People with disabilities, the Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the United Nations and the Down Syndrome Association of Mongolia is organizing a panel discussion followed by screening of the award-winning movie "Trio".
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The word "Mongol" has different associations in different parts of the world. While it generally refers to a person from Mongolia, it's also been used as a derogatory term for a person with Down's syndrome, as well as an insult for someone considered "stupid." This negative connotation traces back to the 19th century when pseudoscience of ethnic classification and phrenology were prevalent. 

The objective of this event is to raise awareness against the derogatory use of terms such as "Mongol," "Mongoloid," and "Mongolism," especially in relation to Down syndrome. The event's primary goal is to highlight the negative impact of using these terms on people with Down syndrome, as it infringes on their human rights and perpetuates harmful stereotypes. Furthermore, the event aims to address how such use promotes discrimination against people of Mongolian origin. The event will facilitate discussions on concrete measures to address this issue, taking into account the roles of various entities, including Member States, UN, other international organizations and agencies, non-governmental organizations, and stakeholders. The discussions will focus on combatting racism, hate speech and promoting human rights, inclusion, non-discrimination, and equality.

Furthermore, the event will feature the internationally acclaimed and award-winning movie "TRIO" as an example of how art and motion pictures can be used in advocacy campaigns to change global perceptions, defend human rights, and support the goal of leaving no one behind.

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