High-level Symposium on Water - UN Ocean Conference…

High-level Symposium on Water - UN Ocean Conference 2022
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The High-Level Symposium on Water will bring together the freshwater and saltwater communities, bridging SDG 6 and SDG 14.
As part of the roadmap leading to the 2023 UN Water Conference, and with the engagement of all stakeholders, this Symposium aims to contribute to the Conference's preparatory process, and its outcomes will be used to inform other sustainable development and water-related processes. The High-Level Symposium on Water is organized around five main moments, namely the High-Level Opening Session, three High-Level Roundtables, and a High-Level Closing Session. Each Roundtable is co-hosted by Portugal and a co-host country, namely Argentina, Mozambique and Singapore and will address specific topics where a bridge can be made between SDG 6 and SDG 14.