General Assembly

Fifth Committee, 14th meeting - General Assembly…

Fifth Committee, 14th meeting - General Assembly, 78th session
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Administrative and Budgetary Committee.

- Financial reports and audited financial statements, and reports of the Board of Auditors - Item 131

  •  A/78/5 (Vol. I), A/78/5 (Vol. III), A/78/5 (Vol. IV), A/78/5/Add.1, A/78/5/Add.2, A/78/5/Add.3, A/78/5/Add.4, A/78/5/Add.5, A/78/5/Add.6, A/78/5/Add.7, A/78/5/Add.8, A/78/5/Add.9, A/78/5/Add.10, A/78/5/Add.11, A/78/5/Add.12, A/78/5/Add.15, A/78/5/Add.16, A/78/215, A/78/333, A/78/333/Add.1, A/78/578
  •  Introduction and general discussion

 - Proposed programme budget for 2024 - Item 134

  •  Construction and property management

         - Progress in the renovation of Africa Hall at the Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa

            A/78/350, A/78/7/Add.19

         - Annual progress report on the strategic heritage plan of the United Nations Office at Geneva

            A/78/503, A/78/7/Add.18

           Introduction and general discussion