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Sustainable energy innovation - Powering gender…

Sustainable energy innovation - Powering gender equity (CSW67 Side Event)
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CSW Theme Priority: Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

While the barriers women face in the energy sector are systemic, the urgent need to deliver on Net Zero targets and SDG7 requires countries and organizations to prioritize attracting and retaining a diverse, gender-balanced workforce in the energy sector as well as a gender diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. Panelists will highlight the leading role of women in energy technology innovation and will elaborate on the following questions:

- Challenges/ Barriers/ Problem: What are the current challenges that women and girls face in sustainable energy and what are some of the success stories we can learn from (e.g. Solar Sister)? What is the role of education?

- Opportunity: How can technological innovation empower women in the sustainable energy sector? What are the benefits of sustainable energy technology for gender equality and women's empowerment?

- Concrete Recommendations:

  • How can governments and the private sector support women cleantech innovators/entrepreneurs?
  • How do we further include women in the clean energy value chain?
  • How do we empower women and girls as cleantech innovators/entrepreneurs?